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    Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - pdf. Huong Nguyen. o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k. d a ww w o m z. m. o. n y. o h. a d. w w w. m e k y. u q. c. z o c u. n. m o. n y. o h. a d. w w w. m e k y. u q. c. z o c u. n. m o. n y. o h. a d. w w w. m e k y. u q. c. z o c u. n. m o. n. Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - TOEIC BOOK capersterpmofor.tk - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or view presentation slides online.

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    Ebook Ng? Phap Ti?ng Anh Mai Lan Huong

    Mua sch TOEIC photo gi r, cht lng. Hotline: o m z. c c o n. u h o y n q u e m y k.d a w w w Website: capersterpmofor.tk Mua sch TOEIC photo gi . Ngu Phap Tieng Anh - Mai Lan Huong - capersterpmofor.tk Report. Post on Jan 6 Views. Category. Apr 2, Ebook Các dạng bài tập Anh văn, đã tổng hợp và hệ thống kiến thức Tiếng Anh - Ngoại Ngữ Nội dung Text: Bài tập tiếng anh lớp 9 Mai Lan Hương Ebook Ngữ pháp tiếng Anh trắc nghiệm: Phần 1 - Mai Lan Hương.

    However, her class is different from other classes. The twenty-five children, who are learning how to read and write in her class, are disabled. Some are deaf, some dumb and others mentally retarded. Most of die children come from large and poor families, which prevents them from having proper schooling. They used to believe that their children could not learn anything at all. In the first week, only five children attended the class. Their parents realised that the young teacher was making great efforts to help their poor kids. Watching Thuy taking a class, one can see how time-consuming the work is. During a maths lesson, she raised both anns and opened up her fingers one by one until all ten stood up. She then closed the fingers one by one. She continued the demonstration until the children realised they had just leamed how to add and subtract. The children have every reason to be proud of their efforts.

    He said he be mistaken. Mary come from London. Please be quiet! I work. When I be ,a child, I want to be a doctor. David be bom after his father die. Long ago, my younger brother often cry.

    The last train leave the; station at 5 p. The audience listen to everything he said last night: V; ' L Sph hp cua cc ng t trong mnh chnh main clause v mnh ph subordinate clause: Simple Present. Simple Present nu din t mt chn l. People have said th t London has fog. She says she has finished h er homework already. She said she would visit me again.

    Tom says he will visit me again. They h ad done th a t was necessary. He savs he was bom in My teacher said th a t the sun rises in the East. M ary said th a t she was cooking then. S ph bp ca cc ng t trong mnh chnh v mnh trng ng ch thi gian adverbial clause of time: Tt c cc th hin ti tuy theo ng cnh ca c.

    Tt c cc th tng lai ty ng cnh ca cu. He never goes home before he has finished his work.

    I often read a new spaper while I am waiting for the bus. It was raining hard when I got there. The train had already left when I arrived a t the station. Please w ait here until I come back.

    Ircd - hardly Khng c dng thi tng la Future Tenses rong cc mnh trng ng c. He has been studying English since ho came here. I Supply the correct verb forms. He thinks that it rain tonight 2.

    She said that she get married soon. He knew that I come the following week: She understood that we promise to go, 6. The boy knew that n hour have sixty minutes. I didn't know what time it be , so I turn on the radio. I wondered whether I lock ,thedoor or not. She says that she Give in the country when she be a child: They hoped that they end soon.

    Ngu Phap Tieng Anh Tom Luoc - Tu Loai - p1

    The teacher said that the shortest distance between two points be a straight line. The student who answered the question be John. This is the house that Jack build three years ago. Mary have dinner when her friend called.

    John live in the same house since he left school. Shut all the windows before you go out. You may begin when you be radyl. He is saving his money so that he take a long vacation. I see that Henry write his composition now. They have faund that the road be very long: I saw that I make a mistake. The teacher asked Bill why he not go to school he day before. We find that we take wrong way. I want to know how lng she live here. I didnt know who help him " Do you hear what she just, say?

    Did you hear what she just, say? They believed that the. Did John say he call you again? She has thought that the work be easy. The students had thought that he English test be rather difficult. Mrs Smith complains that her neighbour make too much noise. Tom promised he not do it again.

    My father said he be here by noon. IjH p M is s White swears that she' never see tht man before. He says that he finished will finish 'the project by May.

    He bear 3 in London in a rich fam[ ily. When Daniel be 4 a schoolboy, he begin to write stories. That helped him much in his writings. A friend of mine, Judith Kelson, presently, work 1V in the international sales divif sion at an electronics firm. She Gust, return 2 from a trip to Japan. She be '31 asked to go there because she can speak Japanese. For four years, she never have 1'11 the L;; opportunity to use her Japanese until she go 5 to Tokyo last month.

    Mary h a v e to go to New York last week, but she almost m issP the plane. She get S back to the airport just in time for her flight. He start 3 learning French at school in England when he was eleven so he learn ' it for nearly 10 years. If he passes, he move '6' into the next class. He use tS sketches of the different positions of the lips and tongue.

    While I walk 1 across the campus the other ay, I meet! Naturally we stop w talk 15 to each other for a few minutes. I asked him how he do 6 in his classes this semester.

    Jack London bear. Tell us what happened to you yesterday? The man apologize 9 and tell il0 me he mistake me for one of his f r i e n d s. Last Sunday, Mrs Hay drive U; along a small country road, when she see 2 a man at the side of the road.

    Bài tập tiếng anh 7 có đáp án - Mai Lan Hương | Foods

    He wave 3 and pointing at his car. Mrs Hay. Id just parked my car in the street near a football stadium jn Liverpool. It be U ten minutes before the start of the match aiid I be 2 in a hurry- Two little bos: Every day you can hear 1 something interesting at school. Two friends went on a trip to London.

    They enter! On the table stand 2 a jar of mustard. Not having seen mustard before, one of them take 1 a spoonfull into his mouth. Tears immediately filled His eyes and his friend asked him what he cry 4 about When I tried take t5 the young eagles oul of the nest, I suddenly feel i a terrible pain in the back of my head. I ook t7 round and see l8 the mother eagle. You must know ao how strong these eagles are. Eric bear iU in in India where his father worked for the civil service.

    Jack Cooper be nj a production manager at Weston Aeronautics for ten years now. When the train reached the sixth station, Tom get 01 off, feeling relieved that his journey be! But he be wi alarmed t see that he get 4! He not know what to do. She be 3 with this company for 2 years now. At the moment she study 4 English on a one-month intensive course in London. She arrive '51 in London last Saturday. This is not Marias first time in Britain. She b 6 there twice before.

    Albert Maltz was a progressive American writer. He be 1 bom in He write his first play "Peace on Earth" in It was against wars, so the American police arrest 13 him and put 4 him in prison in Mary arid John are neighbours. They know '11 each other for several years. Mary move 2Vinto Her house in and John live 3 next'door since he come to the area in While I walk ',1! We say '31 hello and walk!? Yesterday afternoon I; g ;H to visit the Greens. When I- get 2 there about 2 oclock, Mrs Green.

    She plant '4: Mr Green b'e. He work i6 on their can The children play '71 in the front yard. When I open M the door, I see 5 my brother. I greet 6 him and ask 7 him to come in.

    John hasnt got a job. He be! John, could use the computer to write essays. John neglected his studies and he actually failed his tests. John realize 5 that he make "". Now he play 7 computer games only in his free lime. Recently he top 8i his classmates in the mid-year examination. He rent ,4 a cottage-in the'country, although he rarely spend 5 much time there. We understand 6 the reason for this after our arrival. The cottage: Today there be m mor-e than 3.

    English be t3 the most widely spoken language, over million people speak 41 it but more people speak Chinese. This is because people who speak i! Chinese are found in China but English speak 7! IV Complete each of the following sentences with an adverbial clause of time. Dont bother me while I You have to listen to your teacher while You should do a goog deed whenever He set off for another journey as soon as It began to rain just as She had written three novels before The dog has followed its.

    Mnh iu kin l mnh ph ch iu kin, c ni vi mnh d chnh bi lin t IF nn cn c l mnh if -catise. Cu c mnh iu kin c gi l cu iu kin conditional sentence. If have time. I'll help you. If were you, I would come there. He would have passed his exam if he had studied hard. I f you dont study h ard you'll fail in the exam. If she doesnt w ater these trees, they will die. If I have time. Unless we had more rain, our crops wouldn't grow faster.

    If I won a big prize in a lottery, Id build a school for the poor. Put the verbs brackets into the correct tenses.

    If I had blown that you were in hospital, I visit you. You could make better- progfess'if yon attend dass regularly! If l know his telephone number, rd give it to you. If you arrive ten minutes earlier, you woald have'got a seat.

    He could get a job easily if he have a degree. If she had asked you, you accept? Rice plants grow well if there is enough rain. He might get fat if he stop smoking. What you do if you found a burglar in your house? If she not hurry , she may be late. If try again, I think that would have succeeded. Water not run downhill if there were not gravity.

    If I tell you a secret, you promise not to tell it to anyone else? Tell him to ring me if you see him. The police arrest him if they catch him. If you are. If you do not like this one, Ill bring you another. Ill not be able to do any work if I do not have a quiet room. If she does not hurry, shell be fate. If we had more rain, our crops would be better. The crops would have been ruined if the flood had risen higher. If you had not sneezed, he wouldnt hav known that we were there.

    If John had played for our football team, we would riot have lost the game. If I won a big prize in a lottery. Id give up my job. III Make conditional sentences without conjunctions.

    If you had told me that he never paid his debts, I wouldnt have lent him money. If it were nice, we would go for a walk. Would you visit me if I were sent to prison? Would you have written to her if you had known her address? What would you do if today were a holiday? If they had asked me I would have helped them. IV Complete the following sentences.

    If I were the Prime Minister, I He could download a new car L. If I had more time, If he hadnt been ill, V Make conditional sentences according to the facts provided. Keep silent or youll wake the baby up. Because you dont leave immediately, I call a policeman, 3. I dont kiiow her number, so I dont ring her up. Go right now or youll be late for the train.: As she is often absent from class, she cant keep pace with her classmates.

    I couldnt write to Alice because I didn't know her address. I dont know the answer, so I cant tell you. We got lost because we didn't have a map. His friends were so late, so they missed the train. Today isnt Sunday, so the pupils cant go swimming. The heavy rain kept everybody from going out. This chair is too heavy for him to move. He had a flu because he went out in the rain last night. The church bells keep me from sleeping. Morning exercises make me feel better.

    Stop talking or you wont understand th lesson. The boy is so young that he cant go to school. The fridge keeps the food from spoiling. Why don't you study hard? Why don-t you stop smoking? Be careful, or youll cut yourself with that knife Be calm, or youll make a wrong decision. Without the air, we would die. Without a visa, she couldnt have come to that country Without money, he wouldnt have bought such a big house Smoking makes him so weak.

    It is very cold, so we can't go swimming. If her parents had been richer, If he had come yesterday, If it hadn't rained, The world would be a better place if Sau wish c, c g, mohg v if only cgi, gi m , ngi ta thng dng mt mnh ch mt iu ao c, mt iu khng tht.

    Mnh sau wish v if only c xem nh mt mnh anh t noun clause. Bt I am poor now " I cant swim. I wish I could swim. Ben isn't here. We wish that we didnt have to g to class today. We have to go to class. I wish I hadn't failed mv exam last year.

    I failed my exam. She wishes she had had enough money to download the house. She didn't have enough money to download it. If only I had m et her yesterday. She wishes could have been there.

    She couldn't be there. He'missed an exciting football match on TV last night. He wishes. If only I have more time to do this job. I wish she come to see me yesterday. I want him to be here now. You talk more than you work. The teacher wants you to work more than to talk. John would like to be an astronaut when h. Im sorry I didnt help you yesterday. I regret that you didn't give me a chance to tell you the truth.

    Mary is afraid she won't be able to attend yotir wedding next week 7. We regret that wedidnt have enough money to download that house. You drive too fastId like you to drive moreslowly. You are too lazy. Im afraid he won't get over his illness soon. Im not a doctor.

    Nam is sorry now that he didnt accept the job. Its pity that vou were not here last week. He is sorry now that he didn't invite Molly to his party. The hotel wasnt good. My friend didnt pass his exam. I try to study to pass my next exam. We worked very hard in order to complete the projcct in time. H does m orning exercises regularly so as to improve his health.

    She got up early so as not to m iss the bus. He studies h ard so as not to fail in the xam. Mnh ch mc ch thng c bt'u bng so thal, in order that. Mnh ch mc ch c c trc sau? I try al my best to study English in order th at I can find a better job. He hurried so th a t h wouldn't iniss'th e: Nu ch ng ca mnh Chnh va mnh ch mc dch khc nhau ta khng c dung cm t ch mc ch phrase o f purpose.

    Drig bi tp 1: Mary gets up early every morning. She wants to learn her lessons. Mary gets up early every morning to learn her lessons.

    We leairri English. We want to have better communication with other people. He was in a hurry. Dng bi tp 2: Ni 2 cu c cng ch ng nhimg sau want c tn ng hoc tc t object Ex: He gave m e his address. He wanted me to visit him. He gave me his address so th a t I Would visit him. They whispered; They didn't want anyone to hear' their conversation. He gave me his address in order for me to v isit him. They w hispered in order for no one to h e a r-th e ir conversation.

    Diig bi tp 3: We hurried to school so as not to be late. M ary locked th e door so th a t she wouldn't be disturbed. He studies h ard in order to pass his exam. Dng bi tp 41 Hon tt cu vi cm t hoc mnh ch mc ch. She studies English so that He stood up in order Use a phrase or clause of purpose to combine each pair of sentences below.

    The boy stood on the benches. They wanted to get a better view. We lower the volume of the radio. We dont want to bother our neighbours. Ill write to you.

    I want you to know my decision soon. These men were talking in whispers. They didn't want anyoneto hear their conversation. The boy, feigned to be sick. He hoped we didnt make him work. The man spoke loudly. He wanted everybody to hear him dearly. Doris often goes home as soon s the class is over. She doesnt want her. John gels up early. He doesnt want to beiate for -class. Mary hid the novel under -her: Alice prepares her lesson carlly.

    She wants-to get high rhark sin class. The robber changed his address all the time. He didnt want the police to find him 2. They did their jobs well. They hoped the boss would increase their salary. You should walk slowly. Your sister can follow you. Im studying hard. I want to keep pace with my classmates. We turned out the lights.

    We didnt want to waste electricity. This pupil read only for short periods each day. He didnt want to train his eyes. I didnr want to disturb anyone. The clown took off his mask. He didnt want to frighten the children. My fattier drove carefully. He didnt want to cause accidents. Family rules th a t help raise children and run a household easier and smoother.

    Family rules help raise children and run a household easier and smoother. My mother is definitely a traditional stay-at-home woman, offers us great love and strict upbringing. My mother is definitely a traditional stay-at-home woman, who offers us great love and a strict upbringing.

    Because my mother is definitely a traditional stay-at-home woman so she offers us great love and a strict upbringing. As definitely is my mother a traditional stay-at-home woman, but she offers us great love and a strict upbringing. Everyone in my family has to do the share of household chores. Who IV. What would you say? Put a circle round the letter o f the best reply to each question. Wheres the nearest post office?

    Turn left and then right. Its about two kilometers, c. It opens at nine oclock. W hats your new address? Its the old one. Go straight on. F lat 42, N athan Road, Kowloon. How do we get there? F lat N athan Road. Yes, you do. Turn right just after the Bank of China.

    How far is it from here? Two kilometres, at least. Yes, its rath e r far. I think Ill go by bus. W heres the nearest bus stop? Cross the road and turn left. Five hundred m etres, I supppse.

    Its five minutes by bus. W hat time is th ere bus? Twice a day. An hour and a half. Seven thirty. How often do th e buses run? Twice or three times. Every hour, c. From th a t bus stop over there. Can you tell me the way to Milus College from your flat? Yes, I can b. Its round the corner. I know it 9.

    How long does it take to get to Daves place from your flat? Its lng way. About one kilometre, c. Thirty five minutes. Do you know where thrs a public telephone? Theres one a t the bottom of the street.

    Not very far from here. I know there is. Write sentences about yourself. Say whether you like or dont like these activities.

    Choose one of these verbs for each sentence: Complete the conversations. Put in a to-iftve or an ing-form. I always w ant to visit San Francisco.

    Me too. Id love to visit it some time. Tom seems to enjoy watching football matches. Do you think theyll approve the plan? Do you w ant to come with me or w ait here? You wear a uniform at school, dont you? Im glad I dont work as late as Sarah does. I wouldnt like such long hours. Have ICM bought the company? How long have you been working here? For about three years. But now I need a new job. What tim e will you be back?

    Im sorry you had to w ait all th a t time.

    Oh, its all right. Complete this text with the correct form of the verb. Try 6. Choose the correct answer. Ann is interested in young children a. I finished the book and went to bed. Dad allowed Dora ' to the party. My teacher always expected me well in exams. I put d. Look at those windows! They reay need. Vm tired. Fd rathe r out this evening, if you dont mi ld. I must go now. I t isnt safe for children ' on ladders. Famous people et tired of everywhere they go.

    Kevin teaches 1 a t a high school. Everyone thinks th a t it 6. Kevin ban he 8 at the high school. The new company is 9. Furtherm ore c. Consequently d. However Write the second sentence so that it has a similar 'meaning to the first.

    My father said I could use his car. Dont stop him doing w hat he wants.

    You can try to get Jim to lend you his car, but you won't succeed. Theres no point: Ill fmish the work tonight if you like. Would you like 7- The teacher didn't allow the class to leave before 4: The teacher made: I hate to get up ill the dark. Seeing Nelson Mandeia will always in my memory. Choose the word that has the underlined lcttcr s pronounced differently from the others.

    Choose the word whose main stress is placed differently from the others. Physics b. History c. Biology d. Chem istry 2. Geography di Literature 3. Dont worry me. Ill be fine. The main post office is not far the library.

    Phong is interested. How long b. Where c. How often ",d. She is. Approximately half the people interviewed were in manual occupations, a. English is an international ' a. Most people start to lose their memory as they get older, a. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c, or d - that best completes the sentence. I didnt like it in the city at first. I got used to living b. Im used to living c.

    Im used to live d. I used to live 4. Theres nothing you can do about, the situation, so its no use. Finding b. After finding c. Found d. We found 8. I English for four years now. Its a beautiful country. Do you h ear it too? Are you looking forward oil your vacation? Dont fo rg e t. Identify, the one. In order to not forget things, I gut a string around my finger. Where you worked last year when you were going to school?

    A B c D 4- The doctor called this morning while you slept. Ive been studying- French since Fve started high' school. I succeeded in to find a job, so mv parents didnt make me go to college. Get more exercise appears to be the best way to lose weight.

    Why you call me so late last night? Did you study all la st night? I watched TV and went to bed. I did th e same. All right- 6 , for a drink. Have, a good G. Good luck d. Wliat dboufc you ' 2. Like you. Same to you. Same of you. OI do: Yes, I did. I not do that. What about you? How are you? And you did?

    What did you? Choose the one option a, b, c or d - that best fits each o f the. Sometimes I was very disappointed 4. I loved my poor little students. Oil c: They say th at it is unnecessary for children to work at home in their free time.

    Moreover, they argue th a t most teachers do not properly plan the homework tasks they give to students. The result IS that students have to repeat tasks which they have already done at sphool Recently in Greece many parents complained about the difficult hamcwork which teachers gave t tbeir children.

    The parents said th at m ost of the homework was a waste of time, and they wanted to stop it. Spain nd Turkey are two countries which stopped homework recently In Denmark Germany and several other countries in Europe, teachers cannot sot home work a t weekends.

    In Holland, teachers allow students to stay at school t d their, homework. The children are Tree to Help one another Similar arrangem ents also exist in some British schos.

    Sost people agree th at homework is'unfair. A student who can do his homework in a quiet and comfortable room is in a much better position than a student who does his. Some parents help th eir children with th e ir homework Other parents take no interest,at-;alI in their childrens homework. According to many p a re n ts , a. In some countries in Europe teachcrs are allowed to give children homework only at weekends.

    Only a small number of p ople. I d not their students too much homework. Which of the following sentences is not-mentioned ip th e passage?

    Stodente sometimes have to repeat th e homework tasks th a t they have already done in class. Choose the correct sentence - a, b, c or su g g ested 'w o rd s. C- You consier why dont visit me.

    Why dont you consider visiting me? W hat best subject you like? W hat subject you like best? W hat subject do you like best? W aat subject do you best like? I really dont like get up early in the morning.

    Really I dont like to getting up early in the morning. I dont really like getting up early in th e morning. I dont like really to get up early in the morning. Son was learning the language for four years, so he can speak English quite well. Son has spoken English for four years, so he learned the language quite well. So Son has been learning English for four years, he can speak the language well.


    I love teaching profession because the children are interested lii working with. I am interested in teaching profession because lov working with children. I am interested in teaching profession because I ve the children working. I love working with the children because I am interested in teaching profession.

    Complete the passage with correct form of the words from the box. English d. One day she decided th a t she wanted to become a doctor. That was nearly 2. By , Elizabeth an d her sister, also a doctor, along with another female doctor, managed to open a new hospital, the first for women and children. Besides being the first female 9 r in the United States and founding h er own hospital, she also 10 the first medical school for women.

    Add a sentence with the past perfect, using the notes. Clair looked very suntanned when i saw her last week. I didnt have an umbrella, but th at didnt matter. When I got to the concert hall, they wouldnt let me in. I was really pleased to see Rachel again yesterday. We rushed to th e cinema last night, but we were too late, i Put the verbs In the past perfect or past simple.: I felt better by the summer, but the doctor warned IC not to o u ,0 ' much.

    A t last the committee were ready to announce their decision. They "- make up their. Was Tout at the party when you arrived? No, he go home.

    V 6i Sorry Im late. Everybody - V go out for dinner. Last night, I go to Jim s room and knock on the door but there be no answer. Angela asked me how to use the photocopier. All of the-sentences have one verb in the wrong tense. Cross and correct, them. I t was lucky th a t we has-deeide4 to download our tickets in advance. I was pleased to see my old friends last week as we didn't see each other since we finished our coursft3L We have to wait for hours a t th e airport because the bad weather had delayed all the flights.

    We missed our train, so by the. At the end of thcir mcai tliey. The children were, thrilled when they. When I came out of the cinema. I iiad found th at a th ief had taken my car rad io. When the film sta r came into the restaurant I didrift recognize heT because didnt see any of her film. When we reached the city ceiitcr we couldn't find parking space, so ;we had decided to go by bus the next tim e. Choose the correct form of the verbs.

    Choose the correct answers. L "Was Tom there when you arrived? Who was the woman in red dress? Did you know? Did you say th a t you. I was playing b. I had played c. I play d. I played 7. They ' in Scotland for te n years. Now they live in London, a.

    Sorry were? Put a circle round the letter f the correct word or words to use in each blank. Liiidlaw had always had a lot of good ideas. After he 3 a highly successful computer business for two years, he started his second business in a small garage, soiling and installing, kitchen furniture.

    Then he went on to earn over five million in three years. But, after 5 with the m anagers of his company, he suddenly dismissed them. W ithin six months the business had gone bankrupt. I was just unlucky to lose it later. All companies 8 through good times - aiid through bad times. New 9 several lessons which Ill never forget. He said th a t he 10 to call his new company Office-Fit and was already very successful. I learn b.

    Ive learned c. I learned d. Id learned His father was a farm er who died when Newton was. His mother, uncle and grandmother took care of him. When still young, Newton was more of a mechanic than a scholar. His neighbors thought he would probably become a well-known ciockmaker, because he had already made clock his neighbours had never heard of before.

    It worked by water. Besides the water clock Newton also made a sundial. When he grew older, he became interested in mathematics and physics.

    His first physical experiment was carried out in , when he was 16 years old. Chi June 5th, Newton entered the University of Cambridge where he studied mathematics and soon became famous at the ag of When Newton was 22 years old, he began studying the theory of gravitation. In he was appointed professor and began giving lectures on mathematics a t Cambridge. Isaac Newton died in at the age of Newton was not a physics, he was a mathematician.

    He was bom in the town of Cambridge. When he was young he was very intelligent. He wasnt very interested in mathematics until be grew older. His first physical experiment was carried out when h was not yet twenty. Newtons Laws explained the relationships between force, mass and movement 7. Complete each of the following sentences, using the words given. Choose the word that has the Ictter s pronounced differently from the.

    L- chemistry B. SL trouble b. Harboured harboured obtained 3. Marie Curie was the first woman professor the Sorbonne. Our thanks go to everybody who has worked this project, a. She earned a degree in Physics and went on to take another degree in M athem atics.

    Computer modelshelp to determine whether a particular area is likely to flood a. Let me give you a little about the president of the company. Jane is always determined to do anything she wants. She harboured her hope of being a tea chi. He behaved iike an adult. Choose the one word or phrase - a, b, c or d - that best completes the sentence.

    The man looked familiar. Last night a tornado swept through Rockville. It everything in its path, a. When we the bill, we left the restaurant. Aimie Annie. Could you pfease come over? John F. To be born b. Born c. Being bora d. Be born I B. Identify the one underlined word or phrase - A, B, c or D - that must be changed for the sentence to be correct. Before she became a film star, she has been a stand-up comedian.

    Im trying to persuade my sister to drive, but I cant get her do it. After a week, wefinally got to Miami, th at my aunt lives. Since I begin school, I havent had much spare time. My mother makes me doing my homework so I cant go out. My family lived in Hue since to, but weare now living in Sai Gon. Can you tell me where were you bom? Computers are often used to control, adjustment, and correct complex A. In a house near Brighton. He spent most of his time to paint in the studio.

    We went to Stands holiday party last year,hadnt we? For three years. The house we had before was too small. We need somewhere bigger: I work in a bank..

    I doesnt earn much. Just about Whats, your address? Where are you? Where you live? Where do you live? You have lived there for how long? How long have you lived there? How many years have you lived there? How long do you live there? Why did you xnove? Why you moved? Why did you moved? Can you tel me the reason why did you move? W hat do you work? What your job is? What you do? How much money do you take? C- How about money do you earn?

    Do you cam how much money? Choose the one option - a, b, c or d - that best fits cach of the numbered blank.

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