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    PROPOSTA PER UN'AUTOPROGETTAZIONE. Un progetto per la realizzazione di mobili con semplici assemblaggi di tavole grezze e chiodi da parte di chi li. By the word autoprogettazione. Mari means an exercise to be carried out individually to improve one's personal understanding of the sincerity behind the project. but for furniture. Please don't cut off any appendages. - brendanberg/ autoprogettazione. Branch: master. New pull request. Find file. Clone or download.

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    Autoprogettazione Download

    That same year, Autoproget tazione Revisited Autoprogettazione thinking, and made basis of this exhibition is one of There is a designer responses in Autoprogettazione without a high school diploma, he took up dent and .. Download pdf. [Download] PDF Autoprogettazione >> Download the issuu app. Get Autoprogettazione has inspired a generation and Mari's influence is apparent in the responses to the project.

    Ningbo History Museum Following the fantastic response to our Autoprogettazione 2. The selected designs will also be published in Domus and made available for download on our website, in acknowledgement of the project's open-source philosophy. Read below for some more information on each of the selected projects. The CNC-cut pieces are tailored to fit together in a way that defies stringent constraints, hatching the pieces in a kaleidoscope of infinite forms. This is a small hammock for all, built on a single sheet of 10mm plywood, in which makers can relax after their daily labors. The table can be assembled by one person only, without glue or tools. The four legs are strung from one another. When disassembled the table has a footprint of 30mm. The table is cut from one single layer of plywood, from which are generated four legs and a table top, in which are also perforated four grooves, with half the thickness of the plywood. Filippo Mambretti and Mirko Carsana Guenda lamp.

    Indicatively, there are three main seating types: seating for tables h 75 cm for people working at a PC or in meetings; seating for work tables h 90 cm ; and relaxed seating for chill-out areas. Lamps The lamps may be for tables, walls or ceilings. Remember that Arduino allows you to make intelligent objects in a FabLab, things that can react to the environment, adapt to different uses, etc.

    They can have LEDs or energy-saving bulbs and be made from scrap, recycled or brand-new materials.

    With 3D printers, laser cutting and other digital technologies you can create otherwise unimaginable objects. Although they must be strong and durable, the cost of 3D printing is based on the amount of material needed, not on complexity. It is also worth remembering that the Torino FabLab structure only has diffused lighting which has to be supplemented with directional lighting to make work areas comfortable, both those equipped with PCs and those used for teaching, electronic assembly and manual processes.

    As well as the capability of storage units, it is important to consider their ability to "furnish" and "separate" space.

    Autoprogettazione? Ediz. italiana e inglese by Enzo Mari

    And it is this deep resonance of the objects with their cultural moment that has always set Enzo mari apart as a designer. Autoprogettazione expresses not only his sincere desire as an artist to connect with his audience through making, but also the spirit of participation and autonomy emerging in the culture at large. Em my intention was that the catalogue was only a fragment of ideas useful to design as a discipline. Em it is very important for me that through the manual anyone is potentially able to understand the process of construction.

    Em it was a desperate gesture for me at the time. Em Quality can only be judged in comparison to the masterpieces of the past. And this can only be done with a sincere passion for the history of humanity. Brief 1.

    ENZO MARI – Autoprogettazione

    Choose one piece of furniture from the catalogue and construct the piece as instructed. Fabricate the piece again but this time alter the instruction by a ratio of either 30 or 70 per cent. Any addition, subtraction, scaling, misreading, amplification or whatever you choose to do should be in reference to the original instructions, literally or conceptually. All changes should be first made through the instructions.

    Anything that is to be displayed in public has to convey a degree of generosity. The resulting sculptures are mockmonumental and often seemingly alive — paint spills, tape peels, bits blow over in the wind or teeter on the point of collapse. Many works are material configurations that invite collaborators to participate in their completion; these object arrangements can be understood as performance documentation.

    Graham Hudson was born in Kent in and lives and works in London. She sets up new relationships, experimenting with unexpected combinations of materials to create objects and environments which encourage us to see the everyday world with fresh eyes.

    Lucas Maassen At what point does furniture exist?

    Lucas Maassen started exploring this idea in by listing dollhouse chairs for sale on eBay without mentioning their scale or true nature. They became real furniture in the mind of potential buyers who placed bids on the items. Scale became an important subject in his graduation work, Sitting Chairs, a tableau vivant featuring an animistic family of chairs. Small changes to conventions — such as the removal of rear legs or sometimes the addition of feet, arms and hands — grant the chairs life.

    Enzo Mari Autoprogettazione - 1974

    Recent work has focused on the OS OpenStructures project initiated by Thomas Lommee, which explores the possibility of a modular construction model where everyone designs for everyone else on the basis of one shared geometrical grid. Martino Gamper Martino Gamper has an abiding interest in the psychosocial aspects of furniture design: in particular, he has a love of corners and the multiple emotions provoked by the single right-angled boundary.

    Alongside this concern with underused spaces, Gamper also nurtures an interest in unwanted objects. Lucas Maassen started product design at the University to craft schools in Maine and ed his first major solo retrospec- photos by Valerie Bennett teeter on the point of collapse.

    Joe has exhibited at which followed two solo exhibi- Martino Gamper, Joe Pipal, to participate in their completion; scale or true nature. Group shows include Korey Kromm, Stefan Laxness, documentation. Recent group on the items. Scale became an the RCA, graduating in His work ham Trent.

    In Gander was Ryan Gander: photos supplied solo shows at Monitor, Rome, sometimes the addition of feet, has been exhibited in various shortlisted for the Becks Futures by the artists. Gander lives and works in in and lives and works in modular way of designing for the work with an ironic and playful exciting group in Berlin, where London and is represented by London.

    OS grid inspired Maassen to write approach to daily life. They they live and work. For metalsmith as well as at various Nasu Gallery, Tokyo. Clemence is Before studying product design hardboard and adhesive tape.

    Architecture Institute NAI. He confined space with a large group French and grew up in a valley at the Royal College of Art, Her work questions the nature has exhibited worldwide in exhibition showing a lot of very with the Alps for neighbours and London, Bahbak initiated a range and role of the sculptural object MoMA New York, Grand Palais different works by their class- the woods for a playground.

    She of photography projects whilst in contemporary culture, utilising Paris, Miami, Cologne, Milano, mates. To create a dialogue studied at the school of art and studying Industrial Design at the an extensive, fluid vocabulary Turin, Eindhoven and Rotterdam.

    Japan started a string of projects of the world. She sets up new the Fontys University of Applied to look for the original to com- that confirmed an interest in relationships, experimenting Sciences.

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